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EmbedVideo: a web control to embed video (FLV, WFV, ...) and Flash animations

CalSoft.EmbedVideo is a web custom control for ASP.NET. It is useful to put videos or Flash animations in your web pages.
It supports AVI, WMV and any other kind of formats supported by Windows Multimedia Player and FLV files on every Flash-enabled browser thanks to OS FLV, a free Flash 9 player and, finally, SWF files. The objects are embedded with a free javascript library, SWFobject that manages also browser differences and Flash versions.
Some interesting points are:
- thanks to the SWFobject it resolve EOLAS problems (the gray frame around the control and the need for an extra click to activate it) in IE.
- all the extra files (the two JavaScript libraries and the swf player) are embedded inside a single DLL.

- download and unzip (framework 2.0) or (framework 3.0) or (framework 3.5)
- create your web project in Visual Web Developer 2008 (or other Visual Studio products)
- right click on the toolbox window
- click on "Choose Items ..."
- click "Browse..." and select the EmbedVideo.dll just unzipped.

Now you are ready to use the control easily in your project: drag it in the page and set the properties (the meaning of each property is banal).

The icon of the control:

Note that the current version isn't compatible with and was developed with Visual #C Express 2008.

The control is released under GPL license; please pay attention to the licenses of applications and libraries embedded consulting the respective sites.

Download the source
Download EmbedVideo DLL for framework 2.0
Download EmbedVideo DLL for framework 3.0
Download EmbedVideo DLL for framework 3.5
Sample here

Some useful links:
Pazera Free Video to Flash Converter

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Paulo ha detto...
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Paulo ha detto...

Hi, Congratulations to Player.

Is possible swap Color player ??


Paulo lima


Explobot ha detto...

Hi Paulo,

what do you mean with "swap Color Player"?

Changing the background color of the player?

Changing some colors of the multimedia player or of the FLV player?

paulo ha detto...

Sorry, my English is very bad I think therefore I am not explained law.

What I want to change is the color of the FLV Player, such as control, buttons ..

Explobot ha detto...

Hi paulo,
also my English is bad :-(

About the question: the FLV player I used is "OS FLV" ( so you can change colors according the possibilities of this player. In particular have a look at the "CreateScript" function in EmbedVideo.cs where I set fgcolor and bgcolor properties of the plug-in whit ForeColor and BackColor properties of the control.

That's all. Good job!

Anonimo ha detto...


Complimenti innanzi tutto!

Non riesco a visualizzare il sito

Qualcuno conosce il motivo?

Grazie mille!

Explobot ha detto...

guardando nella cache di Google mi esce questo ultimo posto datato 20 maggio:

"The OS FLV project now has the backing of a rapidly growing company focused intently on supporting online video — Jambo Media, LLC. I’m Greg, and I’m the CTO at Jambo. We are pleased to be able to provide ongoing support and development for the OS player created by Trent. We hope to add some exciting new features to make it a really valuable and easy to use. At this early stage, I can’t share our plans just yet. I just wanted to say hello, let you know about the change in sponsorship and to assure you that the project has our full support.". Quindi grosse novità, non vorrei che preluda ad un cambiamento di licenza ($$$$) :-(